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Welcome my name is Nicola,

I am a Nature witch, Wisdom Weaver, Alchemist, Creator, and Nature/Spiritual activator, I have dedicated my life to connecting people with nature, their Inner witch/healer, and spiritual self.

I am here to help you manifest what your heart truly desires and create the life you want. I am here to enable and support you as you transform, heal, bloom, grow, and learn.

I use a variety of gentle techniques to guide you through a nurturing and blissful experience, relaxing your body, mind, and soul.


As a Guardian of the Cacao, Meditation teacher, Sound Therapist, Crystal therapist, Angelic reiki master, Flower remedy practitioner, ITEC Massage/Aromatherapist, Womb healer, Bio somatic Practitioner, Law of attraction teacher, and specialist in different types of holistic health, massage, and healing for women, I will work with your whole-body system to bring balance and harmony physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Together, I can help you to feel empowered, strong, and better than you have felt in years. So if you're ready to transform your life, join me on this incredible journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Working with nature to help you to Bloom and Grow.


As a Wisdom Weaver, Alchemist, Healer and Creator, Nicola has dedicated herself to helping others unlock their full potential by connecting them to the healing powers of nature. Through bespoke, vibrational, natural remedies, she helps remove energetic blocks, trauma, and stuck emotions that hinder personal growth. Nicola’s deep connection with nature and all its wonders has allowed her to develop a holistic approach to healing that works on your energetic system, meridians, and aura. By sharing her knowledge and expertise, Nicola inspires a community of like-minded individuals to connect with nature and their higher selves through her Crow and Unicorn Instagram and Facebook groups. It’s never too late to discover the transformative power of nature-- and with Nicola’s guidance, you'll find yourself on a path to becoming the best version of yourself.

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Working with Flower remedies and Aromatherapy Nicola works with the following body systems.

Circulatory system

Lymphatic system

Digestive system

Nervous system

Skeletal system

Urinary system

Repreductive system

Energetic system

Flower remedies and Aromatherapy can help to treat the following aliements.








Skin conditions

Symptoms of colds and flu


and much more.

Bespoke products can also help you -

Feel more successful.

Feel more confident.

Feel happy and content.

Make your dreams and desires come true.

Feel more empowered.

Live the life your truly want.

Connect to your divine purpose.

Remove hidden blocks that are holding your back from reaching your goals.

Remove anything that is no longer serving you so that your dreams fly to like magic.

Bespoke products - Give your body and mind the best treatment possible. 


Bespoke Meditations just for you.

Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities and spiritual growth! Nicola, your trusted meditation teacher, offers personalized meditation sessions that will awaken your inner self and help you achieve your spiritual goals. With her vast knowledge in meditation techniques, Nicola assures you of a fulfilling experience that is customized to suit your needs. Every individual, regardless of their level of experience in spiritual growth, is welcome to explore and take the journey towards their authentic self. Nicola's services are affordable, and you can opt for the custom meditation and 15-minute consultation for £40 or a full consultation, guidance on meditation techniques, and personalized meditation for £78. Do not let your inner self go untapped - unlock your full potential with Nicola's sessions today. Contact Nicola now, and let her guide you on your spiritual journey towards inner peace and fulfillment.



Bespoke affirmations just for you.

Unlock your full potential with bespoke affirmations tailored just for you!

Are you feeling lost or stuck in life?

Don't give up on your goals and dreams just yet! Nicola can help you manifest abundance and success.

Let Nicola guide you on your journey to greatness by creating three custom affirmations that will help you achieve what you truly desire.

Invest in yourself and take the first step towards a better future with our fifteen-minute consultation and three bespoke affirmations for only £40.00.

Take it to the next level with our full consultation and three custom affirmations for just £78.00!

Contact Nicola today to unlock your true potential and start living the life you deserve!

Workshops - Connecting you to your higher self. 

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Nicola runs a spiritual group with one of her soul sisters that connects people to Nature, their higher self, Inner witch and Inner healer called The Crow and the Unicorn.

Both Nicola and her partner Shonagh, have dedicated their time and efforts towards empowering women in the Enfield area, and their workshops have been nothing short of magical. These transformative experiences have helped women connect with their innermost selves and the natural world around them. Participants have explored the wonders of nature and spirituality, and unearthed new perspectives on their lives. The teachings of the ancient Celtic wheel of the year and other approaches have enabled attendees to unlock their full potential and become the best versions of themselves. If you're seeking to embark on a new journey of self-discovery, we encourage you to get involved in these workshops today. Join us and discover the transformative power of nature and spirituality in your life.


Bespoke massage for women - Pamper, indulage, feel completely nurtured as your body, mind and spirit heals and feels loved and relaxed. 


Nicola is a skilled and experienced massage therapist who is dedicated to providing a truly bespoke experience for each and every client. She has carefully crafted a unique treatment that is designed to leave you feeling pampered, nurtured and completely relaxed. Each session incorporates a range of luxurious therapies, including aromatherapy, flower remedies, sound healing, crystals, and flowing massage techniques.

From the moment you step into her tranquil treatment room, Nicola will take the time to understand your needs and preferences. She will then tailor the experience to suit you perfectly, using her expertise to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from each element of the treatment.

Bespoke Spiritual healing just for you. 

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angel healing

Crystal healing

 Crystal healing is an ancient practice that involves the use of crystals to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

It is a non-invasive healing technique that is gaining popularity in modern times.

Nicola's offers crystal healing treatments that are designed to balance and heal your energetic and physical body.

During the treatment, Nicola will place various crystals on different parts of your body, based on your individual needs. The crystals work by creating a vibration that stimulates the body's natural healing abilities. Positioning the crystals in specific places, assist in balancing the chakras, our body's energy centers. Crystal healing  is available in-person or remotely, allowing you to experience its benefits from anywhere. Relax your body and mind and experience the blissful healing power of crystals.

At the end of your session, you will emerge feeling refreshed, revitalized and ready to face the day ahead. Your body and mind will feel more positive, happier, and calm, leaving you with a sense of inner peace and wellbeing that lasts long after the treatment has ended.

Book your crystal healing treatment with Nicola today!

Healing with Angels and Accended masters.

If you are looking to experience an unparalleled healing and balancing treatment, then look no further than "Healing with Angels and Ascended Masters"!

With Nicola's expertise, you can relax both your body and mind while she connects with powerful celestial beings.

Experience the rejuvenating and restorative powers of the Angels and Ascended Masters, whether you choose to have this treatment in person or remotely.

Through this therapeutic session, you will transcend to a higher level of consciousness and experience an inner peace like never before.

Take some time for yourself and indulge in this miraculous opportunity to connect with the divine.

With Nicola's guidance and the support of the Angels and Ascended Masters, you will experience the ultimate healing experience that will leave you feeling centered, balanced and renewed.

Book your Angel healing  with Nicola today!

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About Me & Contact

Work with me as you go through the three stages of womenhood. 

The maiden
The mother-2

As a woman, life can be full of various stages and changes that may sometimes be challenging and difficult to navigate through. Nicola is here to lend her unwavering support and expertise throughout your journey. Whether you're going through adolescence, entering adulthood, experiencing motherhood, or reaching menopause, Nicola is here to guide you with ease and grace.

Her compassionate nature and wealth of knowledge make her the perfect companion to help you through all the phases of womanhood. Nicola is dedicated to ensuring that you don't have to face these changes alone and that you can face them with a smile on your face, knowing that she is always there to help.

Stay tuned for more details on how Nicola can help you make the most out of your journey through womanhood and live your best life!

Working with men. 

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It's important for everyone to understand that men can suffer from stress, grief, and trauma just as much as women can.

However, societal pressures and expectations may prevent some men from seeking help or even recognizing their own struggles.

That's why Nicola, has decided to offer online appointments that cater specifically to men dealing with various mental and physical health issues.

Her services are tailored to provide support, guidance, and healing for men who are seeking a safe and confidential space to explore their emotions and challenges.

If you're a man who is struggling with mental or physical health issues and want to reach out to someone who can help you, consider contacting Nicola today to learn more about how she can assist you on your journey towards wellness and recovery.


Testimonials - sharing with love and gratitude

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