Doctor Bach

Dr Edward Bach was born near Birmingham in England in 1886. He sadly passed away on 27th November 1936 after completing many years of research.

Dr Bach studied medicine in London at the University college hospital and gained a Diploma in Public health. At his time at the University College hospital he worked as a casualty medical officer and a house surgeon. He also worked at the National Temperance Hospital and practised medicine for over twenty years as a bacteriologist and consultant.

Even though Dr Bach was very successful in what he was doing he felt very disappointed how the majority of doctors would concentrate on working on curing the disease and would ignore the emotional side of how their patients were feeling. For this reason, he decided to look into working with alternative therapies. Dr Bach was a great believer that all illnesses is a direct effect of disharmony between the mind and body and that all disease and illnesses come from negative emotions and feelings.

In 1928 he started to research how plants and flowers could help to treat illness in a gentler way without the side affects you get from conventual medicine. His research was very lengthy so he decided to give up his job in Harley Street and concentrate on making a new system of medicine.

After two years of research in 1932 Dr Bach made his first 12 remedies and in 1933 started to make his second group remedies.


Mont Vernon

By 1934 Dr Bach moved to Mount Vernon in Oxfordshire, England. His house was surround by lots of plants and flowers and this is where he found flowers and plants to make his remaining 19 remedies.

Whilst researching his 38 remedies he went through great personal suffering as he would feel the effects of his patients and then try various flowers and plants to see which of these would help him and his patent the most.


Between 1933 and 1936 Dr Bach decided that he wanted to spread his knowledge to lots more people so he wrote many articles and he spoke in public lectures. He also advertised his remedies in local papers, where he would get a lot of local interest from the public near him.

Dr Bach sadly passed away on 27th November 1936 age 50. Leaving a system of medicine that is now used by many people all over the world. You can find these remedies in most chemists, health shops and all over the internet.


A bit about Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies are a self- help system of 38 flower-based preparations.

Bach Flower Remedies have been around for over 84 years and currently used by many people worldwide. This holistic, simple and non-toxic system helps bring a state of homeostasis in the body by reducing stress, restoring emotional balance and is very good for your overall wellbeing.

Bach Flower Remedies are very gentle on the body with no side effects and can be used for all ages including the elderly babies and pregnant woman.

Bach’s Flower Remedies will help to address the whole person, not just their physical problems.

In the health sector Bach Flower Remedies are used today by medical doctors, midwives and complementary health practitioners and the public.


The consultation takes around an hour to and hour and half and your personized treatment bottle is included.
Price for this treatment is £78.00 which includes two sessions.

First treatment – One hour to one and half hour consultation which includes your treatment bottle.

Your second treatment/follow up appointment – One hour appointment which includes your treatment bottle.

Appointments after that.
Your third and any other appointments after that will be charged at £38.00 which includes your treatment bottle.