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Welcome Beautiful Souls, Thank you for visting my Gifts and Products page.

Please see/click on my different pages to see different healing gifts that I have made or sell.

Healing Jewellery

Most of my jewellery is blessed with Angel Energy to protect and support you while you hold or wear it.

Earth Healing

My healing pouches are made using different elements, herbs, flowers and love. They are to help with abundance, empowerment and love.

Vitali Chi Energy System products.

During my healings I use different tools to help maximise my healing. Please see/click on my Vitali Chi Energy System healing page to see what different products I use. If you would like to treat yourself or someone your love, please e-mail with your order. You can also purchase some of the products and more at my little sanctuary after one of your treatments or at www.vitali-chi.com using Promo Code NRA10 or NRB020.

Atlantean Rose Therapy Gift Vouchers.

Please see/click on my gift voucher page if you are stuggling to find that unusual or spiritual gift and treat your loved one to one of my beautiful healings.

With loving blessings and gratitude,

Atlantean Rose Therapies.