Ladies, now why are you here?

                                                    You are here because...........


You can't spend another day feeling so low about yourself. Low about the way you look, how you feel and where your life is going. You may have days where you prefer not to look in the mirror because you feel unattractive and heavier than you would like to be. Your life may have been dedicated to raising your children and somehow you got lost along the way. You feel like just a Mum and a carer with no other real meaning in life.


You often feel overwhelmed because there is too much going on and you don't feel like you are getting anywhere. Pehaps you feel unappreciated because no one notices the amount you do. Giving so much out and no one notices that you are on a burn out. Finding yourself worrying about family and if they are ok. All you crave is a break to feel nurtured and loved and someone to take care of you.


Your deepest fears are feeling unloved, rejected by your loved ones and life, and being and feeling unwanted. You may fear growing old and no one will think you are good enough. You want to build something for yourself but fear putting yourself out there and failing.



Thoughts like "Where is my life going?" It's not going anywhere.

I am not good enough.

What am I doing wrong?
Am I not qualified enough?
Why am I doing all of this and nothing is working?"


May often cross your mind leaving you feeling worse, blocked and stuck.

Each day looks and feels the same and nothing really changes. Life feels dull and colourlesss. Same old thing day in and day out. No excitement. You may turn to food to make yourself feel better which makes you feel good for a while, but the feeling is short lived. Even a glass of wine brings temporary relief. Spending money on others to feel better but secretly you yearn to feel better within yourself.


You may even notice your body starts to complain and feel out of balance. Needing people  to compliment you to feel better about yourself. Simply feeling stressed, annoyed and frustrated.


You secretly want to feel good about yourself again, to feel attractive again, feel more empowered and confident. You want to have the confidence to know that when you put yourself out there you will succeed. You feel that you are ready to claim this.


THIS is for you if..........

YOU are ready to feel confident so that you can put yourself out there so that you can achieve your dreams.

YOU are ready to look in the mirror and feel good about yourself so that you can feel happy in your life again.

YOU are ready to heal and let go of anything that no longer serves your highest of good, so that you can move on in your life with ease and grace.

YOU are ready to reach for the stars and work alongside the Universe and all it's wonders.

YOU are ready to create and paint the life you have always wanted to have.

YOU are ready to connect to your divine purpose

You are ready to remove blocks so that you can finally realise your dreams.

You are ready and connect to find your true self.

You are ready to experience the light at the end of the tunnel.

You are ready to establish new positive relationships that inspire and nurture you.

YOU are ready to use the Law of Attraction to accelerate your dreams.

YOU are ready to remove blocks so that you can finally realise your dreams.



You desire:

More abundance in your life.

More love in your life.

A fulfilling career.

You want to connect you to the inner wisdom and the truth of your being.

Get the best out of your life and remove anything that is no longer serving you.

spirutal life coaching 8


As a Spiritual Life coach, Nicola will teach you how to become empowered and guide you to finding your life purpose. You can up-level your life by working on a higher and deeper level.

Nicola has lived a spiritual life for over a decade. Having enjoyed learning many different techniques and therapies through the years, she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with you. She can guide you through your blocks and help you live a happy fulfilling, and peaceful life.

Nicola is a certified Law of Attraction teacher and has completely turned her life around for the better and is excited to help you to learn and work with powerful Universal energies so that you can do the same.

When you start working with the Universe, you will see shifts in your life. You will start to connect more with yourself and see what truly makes you happy.

law of attraction
mediation techniques
Vitali Chi balancing system.

On your eight-week programme Nicola will use the following techiques to help you to get the best out of yourself and life......... 


·      Spiritual healing

·      Crystal healing

·      Angel healing

·      Aromatherapy and flower remedies

·      Spiritual massage

·      Sound healing

·      Cleansing techniques

·      Vitali Chi System

·      One to one support.


Please note due to the pandemic some treatments are not available at this time but keep checking this page for updates


Sound Healing.
Aromatherapy and flower r
spiritual healing

Take that first step and contact Nicola today, for more details......

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