A little bit about the Crow and the Unicorn...........

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Nicola is a fully qualified:

Law of attraction teacher, Spiritual life coach. ITEC Massage/Aromatherapist, Flower Remedy Practitioner, Mediation teacher, Angelic Reiki Master, Wisdom keeper and specialises in different types of healing and holistic health for women.


Nicola works on the whole-body system, both physically, mentally and spiritually. 


From a young age Nicola has been very interested in meditation, yoga, alternative medicine and the mystical realm.


Nicola has been sharing her wisdom with her clients and friends, for a number of years and she is really looking forward to sharing everything she has learnt with you all in workshops and in our sisterhood circle.

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Shonagh has developed life and career coaching skills and explored helped people explore their own biases and those in society.


Shonagh has spoken at Charity and corporate events, designed, wrote and provided personal development, debt and benefit training to local authorities and charities.


Shonagh follows a Druidic path, having decided to formalise her learnings in Druidry, is currently studying at Bard level with The British Druid Order.


Shonagh has trained as a spiritual life coach and will blend the elements of Druidry, life coaching, journaling, crafting and divination into workshops for you.


Reconnect with community

Urban life, work and society’s expectations have all placed differing burdens on our time, mind and home.

These pressures mean we have had to contort our lives to please others instead of being true to ourselves.

We have disconnected from our natural cycles and let go of our sisterhood.

Join with your sisters

♥ A private place which will be a place for you to offload the stresses of everyday life.

♥ A place that shares happy stories to uplift your spirit and mind.

♥ A place where you will have the support of your sisters to get you through challenging times and to share your celebrations.

♥ A place where things can make us smile, cry or laugh.

Find your heart space

We are here to help you find your heart space; to connect to who you really are and who you want to be.

Everything we need, we already have inside us  sometimes we just need help to access to the knowledge we have –  we are here to help bring it out! 

At the Crow and Unicorn Sisterhood circle we will working with the amazing and powerfull Law of Attraction.

Here are a few examples of affirmations from Lousie Hay that we will be sharing as well as many others......

air i breathe
bless my home
fresh ideas

One of our main aims at The Crow and Unicorn Circle will be to share spiritual information that both the The Crow and The Unicorn have learn't over the last decade.

Exmaples of what you will be learning are......

We will be giving you different cleansing techniques to help you to cleanse your home and also you body, mind and spirit.

Due to White Sage being over harvested, making it difficult for Native American's to be able to use them in their cermonies  etc anymore.

We will be showing you how different sound insturments, sprays and other techiques can benifit you just as well or more.

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For all of our sisters that enjoy working with herbs we will be giving you different techiques how to bring herbs into your life for cooking, rituals and much more.

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There is something magical when you look up and see a full moon shining it's beatiful light in the sky.

At the Crow and the Unicorn Sisterhood circle we taking you through the different cicles of the moon working with the wheel of the year and showing you how to use the moon to bring abundance into your life, cleanse your crystals, make moon water and lots more.

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We hope that the above looks interesting to you so please go to the below to find out more :


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