angel reiki

The love you get from the angels is a truly wonderful life changing experience.

Angelic Reiki is a calming but powerful hands on healing to bring well being, peace and harmony to the recipient.

The whole session will usually last around a hour. The hour will include a brief chat on what you would like me to help and heal. This follows a hands on healing which lasts around thirty minutes.

After this wonderful healing the recipient will then need a short time to rest and will be offered some water which helps to detox and heal the body.

If possible the recipient should stay away from smoking, drinking alcohol and minimise their intake of caffeine for 24 hours as these stimulants toxins etc interfere with the healing.

A single healing session may last for several days and can even last up to a month.

Please come and visit my little sanctuary to experience this beautiful healing.

Nicola Rose Lush – Transform yourself and your life with Angels today.

Price for this healing treatment is £78.00