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Welcome I'm Nicola,

I'm a Law of Attraction teacher, Spiritual life coach, Meditation teacher, Sound Therapist, Flower remedy pracitioner, ITEC Massage/Aromatherapist and specialist in different types of holistic health and healing for women.

Blending these techniques on the whole-body system to bring balance and harmony physically, mentally and spiritually.

Using the powerfull  Law of Attraction to enable you to manifest what your heart truly desires and support you on your spiritual path so that you can create and paint the life you truly want.

As a spiritual life coach, Nicola gifts you different tools so that you will begin to sleep better, eat better and  start taking better care of your body.

This is for you if you are ready to transform, heal, bloom, grow and learn.

Nicola offers a bespoke eight session Spiritual Life Coaching program, which is tailored to what you would like to most achieve in your life.

Using a multitude of techiques that will gently guide you through a nurturing and blissfull experience to relax your body, mind and soul.

This very bespoke programme is tailored to your unique needs utilising the variety of techiques that Nicola has learn't over the last decade.

Working with Flower remedies and Aromatherapy. Nicola works with the following body systems:

Circulatory system

Lymphatic system

Digestive system

Nervous system

Skeletal system

Urinary system

Reproductive system

And can help to treat the following aliments:








Skin conditions

Symptoms of colds and flu

Nicola works with the powerful laws of the universe and is passionate about the Law of Attraction (because it works!) This is for you if you want to:

Be more successful.

Feel more confident.

Feel happy and content.

Make your desires and dreams come true.

Feel more empowered.

Live the life you truly want.

Connect to your divine purpose.

Remove hidden blocks that are holding you back from reaching your goals.

Remove anything that is no longer serving you so that your dreams fly to you like magic.


Whilst working with the Law of Attraction, Nicola can teach how to bring the following into your life.

Abundance in all forms.

More love and self-love

Healthy and fulfilling relationships.

Improved health and well being

Ways to reduce stress and anxiety so that you can feel calm and in control.


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